A & D Wholesale is a family owned and operated candy and grocery wholesaler. We offer the BIGGEST selection and the BEST pricing in the business.

We've been in the game since '85.

Candy & BULK

We offer the widest assortment of America's favorite brands at unbeatable price points. 


We carry the most random stuff like canned pickles, chips, cereals, and more!


Novelty ITEMS

Well novelty items like Pokemons, Ninja Turtles, Wizard of OZ, and other random stuff.


We're true candy enthusiasts and can even create custom assorted bags of candy with your name, your logo, and at a target price point you chose.


We service customers of all sizes! 

Drop us a note and let's get this show on the road.

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Free shipping on all orders of $1,500


Enter to win free twix bars for life!!!